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Greenwise Sacramento
Greenwise Sacramento is our commitment to becoming the Emerald Valley - one of the greenest regions in the nation and a hub for clean technology. Over the next ten years Greenwise will attract new clean technology, develop a qualified workforce, engage the community, and encourage every city in the region to lead by example. Greenwise has been transformed into a new, independently-operating non-profit organization known as Greenwise Joint Venture.

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Sacramento Steps Forward
The goal of ending homelessness is an important and profound mission that requires the ideas, insights and efforts of all individuals, organizations, businesses and agencies. Sacramento Steps Forward is an initiative to rally the community towards a shared and collective effort to end homelessness. This initiative does not mean that people will not become homeless—the hard realities of life will not disappear. Sacramento Steps Forward spun off into a self-sustaining, independent nonprofit organization in August 2011.

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The SacramentoFirst Citizens' Task Force is a 12-member team comprised of a diverse and bi-partisan group of experts in the fields of design, law, finance, arts, labor, development, and communications working on a volunteer basis to evaluate options for a new entertainment and sports complex in Sacramento. The goal of this task force is to facilitate the development of a premier entertainment and sports complex that will catalyze job creation, cultural revitalization and broader economic and community development across the Sacramento metropolitan region.